We're on a mission to create a more intelligent CPG ecosystem.

We are in the business of using science, engineering, technology, social awareness and some common sense, to create safe, natural, healthy and delicious consumer products which support a more verdant planet.

We are in this business because we believe the world urgently needs us to invent ways to make the products we all love and enjoy, while using less water, land, animals, and energy.

We need to care. We have to work hard. We must work fast.

Our Brands.

An animal-free, vegan, lactose-free, made with plants, non-dairy, dairy ice cream. It’s like magic if magic tasted amazing. But don’t trust our words, let your taste buds clarify things for you!

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The foods we love, without the impacts we hate.

Everyone is part of the solution. Which means every diet and desire needs to be part of the solution. We’re looking at what makes the foods we love great, and figuring out how to make them without all the industrial era systems that are doing more harm than good.

This means no alternative ingredients that taste terrible, no sub-par nutrients trying to replace something known to be better, no pesticides or hormones. This is about building on and improving on what we already know.

No more compromising.


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